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We are a company specialized in people assessment, we built the APOGEO METHOD, a broad and precise analysis, based on a projective questionnaire, statistically based over more than 20 years. We provide analytical data about people, enabling the company to adopt better strategies for the business, generating savings and increased productivity. For people, we offer self-knowledge from new angles, which allows the choice of the best development paths.

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Apogeo System

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Apogeo System


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Included: Certificate and 2 APOGEO Profile x Position reviews


10x R$ 85,00


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Included: Certificate and 2 APOGEO Professional reviews


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Included: Certificate and 2 APOGEO Personal reviews


For those who do not know the APOGEO reports, I can say that it is worth it. I have been working with the tool for more than 05 years, and it helps me in recruiting and selecting and also in the development of employees. The reports are practical and the partnership with Paulo Demestri is excellent.

Patrícia Mazarão

Supervisor DO Premix - Animal Nutrition

We use the APOGEO methodology to start a development project for our professionals. The results were beyond expectations both for the Human Resources area, as well as for the professionals evaluated and their managers. The tool provides precise indications about the nature, skills and behaviors of the individual, supporting us in establishing an appropriate development plan that motivates and retains the professional. We continue to use APOGEO, not only for development plans, but also as a support tool in the Recruitment and Selection processes to define the most suitable candidate to occupy the position. It is a complete assessment tool and gives security to managers and Human Resources professionals in the organization and management of the team. You have my recommendation!

Renata de Biasi Fernandes Oliveira

Human Resources Manager – Latin America

The APOGEO Profile was a game changer in my coaching services and personal and professional development. As it is a deep analysis of the human being, consisting from biological data to psychological data and the individual's external environment, it is possible to have clarity about the real needs and possibilities, facilitating my customers' self-perception, self-knowledge, decision making, and execution of actions. The APOGEO Profile is, without a doubt, a light for customers and professionals in the fields of management and human development.

Miriam Tsugawa

Partner and Coach MHT Group

My experience with the APOGEO Profile started when I decided to become certified in the tool.  The feedback I received about my profile really impacted me and at that moment I experienced its full potential.  I started using it in all my assessment projects and even today I am impressed by the identification my customers have when they access their own reports.  The APOGEO Profile is really amazing!

Bettyna Beni

Partner and Consultant at Evoluigi

I have been using APOGEO since 2010 both for coaching services and in the companies I work as consultant and facilitator. What I admire most is its assertiveness regarding temperament and behavior, and the proposed development path. I recommend it to people who want to find something more serious and profound about human development.

Alexandre Carmona

TRIA Desenvolvimento

We found in APOGEO a safe and effective method to guide our selection and leadership development processes. With the vision it offers we are able to apply our purpose of having the right people in the right place.

Ana Lúcia Luz

Winov Soluções em Tecnologia S/A

I have been using the APOGEO method in all my Coaching projects and team development work in the executive area. The results are excellent, the degree of people's identification with the APOGEO assessment is extraordinary.

The assessment becomes a strong reference for all the work developed with the person. Another point to be highlighted is the support that we analysts get, besides the assessments and graphics, the comments and audios prepare the analyst for the feedbacks. This support encourages the analyst and guarantees the quality of the feedbacks.

Besides all this, we know that we can count on Paulo's personal attention and support at all times.

José Umberto Pereira

CEO - Z1 Performance

I identified myself very much with the results of the APOGEO profile and, without a doubt, since I received the feedback, I have been paying more attention to my natural conduct and I am having amazing results!

Marcos Toniatto

Project Manager - Caterpillar

I have been using the APOGEO Profile since 2015 in individual development programs and, more recently, in team mapping and group development.

The tool provides clarity and connection of individuals with their natural and behavioral resources and paves the evolutionary path to be followed, in an integral and comprehensive way.

As a facilitator, supporting my customers' personal and professional growth with the support of the APOGEO Profile gives me grounding and agility, generating assertiveness and solidity to the processes, as it potentializes self-knowledge and directs to more conscious and balanced answers to the demands at hand.

Thaty Nogueira

Coach and Group Facilitator

The first moment I received the APOGEO feedback, my impulse was to refuse, object and doubt my results, because it was so different from the analyses I was used to receiving in other therapies. But none of the other therapies could tell me exactly where I was on the map, let alone tell me where I should go next. For those who, like me, had lost their identity reference, it was useless to have these therapies where they didn't consider my essence and only analyzed my mask. APOGEO is so accurate, that it unmasks everyone. Little by little I understood that I objected because my distorted behavior did not want to accept my anesthetized temperament.  APOGEO allowed me to start balancing my behavior with my temperament, besides making me understand that the dynamics between people are the way they are for some intrinsic reason, and today I know not only how to better accept each person's nature, but also how to better interact by positioning myself, without devaluing myself. For me, it has been a journey. But thanks to Paulo's immeasurable background and Miriam's clear didactics, the journey is being very encouraging. Knowing oneself with such clarity is a path with no turning back. As a customer, I have gifted reviews to family and friends, in the drive to want people to get to know each other as well. Today, with the will to want to know myself even more, I started the journey as an analyst, for a continuous study. I recommend APOGEO to everyone.

Atsuka Minami

APOGEO´s customer

About 3 years ago I got to know the APOGEO tool, and since then we have used it in all our selection processes, with an extremely high assertiveness rate. Today the tool is a decisive part of our Recruitment and Selection process, bringing us the candidates strengthens as well as points of attention that need to be worked on. When in doubt about choosing a candidate, APOGEO tells us a lot about who to hire.

Lais Diniz de Toleo

Analyst of People and Management - Gênica

Extraordinary and objective method, yet profound and effective. It assists in the process of individual transformation on a planet in transition.

Valdir de Souza

Co-Founder and Health and Wellness Consultant - e-Nova Gaia Health Solutions

I got to know APOGEO 13 years ago, was surprised by the results, and I still use it frequently in my practice and in the companies. APOGEO is differentiated by the precision and quality of the information it presents in a clear and objective way.  A tool that has always evolved, and has never stopped innovating.  I recommend it to companies and people who seek self-knowledge and development.

Cleusa Godoy Correia

Psychologist and Consultant

The APOGEO method is the method I have adopted in my coaching and consulting processes.

I have been working with the method for about 6 years and my experience is fantastic. All my customers identify very well with the report and thereby experience insights that are very relevant to the personal or team coaching process.

For team coaching I have used the correlations of the team communication profiles and they are also very impactful for the customers.

APOGEO is an indispensable tool to help people grow.

in self-knowledge, self-management, and self-responsibility.

Marcio Antonio Martins

Professional coach member of ICF - Owner Director of ÁGAPE COACHING

I got to know the APOGEO method in 2013. I was participating in an HR Group and received a report with my profile.

I was impacted by the assertiveness of this tool, since I could see my behavior and my temperament, my essence.

Until then, I, a psychologist experienced with profile testing, felt I had found the perfect tool to help me give awareness to my customers, patients and Coachees.

And this dating became a marriage that lasts until today, and every day I become more confident in this methodology, because it is a serious, innovative tool that accompanies the transformations in the life of the human being.

I highly recommend the use of APOGEO as an accurate tool with excellent methodological depth.

Élide Della Nina

Psychologist & Human Development Coach

As a Human Development professional, I always look for solid tools with assertive results, since it is a great responsibility to conduct personal and professional support processes.

The APOGEO tool serves me completely in all my Coaching services, team development, and consulting for better professional performances.

Not only do I feel supported and grounded with reliable knowledge, but I also learn a lot about human behavior from the generous team behind this work. Thank you and I recommend!

Milena Junqueira

Coach Executivo Empresarial Consult in D.H.O. - Tria Desenvolvimento Member

The best tool for self-knowledge!

Simply TRANSFORMING!!! It is a powerful tool for self-knowledge and human flourishing in personal life and especially in career expansion.

I follow APOGEO for about 10 years and can't live without it!!!

Paulo is an exemplary professional of dedication and evolution and growth, always improving the tool and contaminating all analysts with this human and differentiated look with a focus on PEOPLE.

My Career Coach schedule is packed!!! My customers love the result and always come back seeking the APOGEO result, because it brings clarity, focus, and the awakening to a life with prosperity and emotional balance.

Immense gratitude for being part of my journey!!!

Eliana Nascimento

Psychologist - Lecturer and Career Coach

APOGEO has been the best assessment tool for my customer service processes. I find in this tool the assertive and accurate depth of analysis, which makes my work even more focused. It is amazing how the customer identifies with the reports, how it opens up to the new, how it gives understanding for the current moment and helps to trace new routes.

Edmar Oneda

Coach, trainer, Psychoanalyst and Founder of IDHEO.

It has been more than six years using the APOGEO Profile in my personal and professional life. During all these years, I have tried more than 5 competing tools, and APOGEO continues to be the one that delivers the most in assertiveness, depth, and direction, both for those seeking personal development and for companies in their recruitment and selection processes.

Rhenan Martins

Partner and Facilitator at Engenhoterapia

The APOGEO method has opened the doors to my self-knowledge process. It is profound and transforming.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to evolve through it and today help my customers in their development process.

I strongly recommend.

Kelly Amorim Guedes

Behavioral Trainer


The APOGEO Methodology gives another meaning to the way for assessing the professional profile of candidates, expanding personal aspects that can be translated through Coaching activities or even Clinical Analysis. The depth and assertiveness with which we work allows the assessed to have a broad and consistent vision about his Temperament and Behavior, enabling better assimilation for attitudes of change, evolution, and development in his/her career or even in interpersonal relationships. APOGEO created, researched and developed in Brazil, is for all of us a reason for confidence and assertiveness in its results.

Assunta Martins

Educare Recursos Humanos Psychologist and Clinical Psychotherapist.

Since 2014, when I first came into contact with the APOGEO method, I have been delighted with the depth and accuracy of the information.

I have provided feedback to more than 150 professionals over the years, and most of the time, these people saw the value in the content delivered.

The instrument has been able to help hundreds of people transform their lives and careers. I have no doubt that APOGEO is the best integral behavioral profile on the market.

Reinaldo Gandelini

Mentor and Career Coach and co-founder of ideativeLab and Growyx.

The APOGEO profile analysis surprises whenever it is applied. In a deep and efficient way, it raises the level of our deliveries and enables an important step in self-knowledge.

Ana Paula Moreno

Coach and Mentor